Colorado Partnership for Thriving Families: Family Voice Representative Interest Form

The Colorado Partnership for Thriving Families supports the creation of conditions for strong families and communities where children are healthy, valued, and thriving.

The Partnership invites parent and family representatives from all backgrounds and experiences to join our collaborative work of implementing integrated strategies aimed at significantly reducing child fatalities and child maltreatment for all children 0 to 5 by positively and proactively supporting strong and healthy family formation. This paid opportunity is intended to allow individuals to share their own experiences as a “context expert” on pregnancy and parenting. Anyone in a parenting/caregiving role and/or with pregnancy experience is welcome to apply. Given the focus of the Partnership on the prenatal period and first year postpartum, preference will be given to pregnant people and parents/caregivers with young children.

One of the Partnership’s foundations is equity and inclusion. As such, we are committed to building inclusive coalition spaces that reflect Colorado’s population, including people of all cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and all other identities represented in Colorado.

If you are interested in joining the Partnership in a capacity other than as a family voice representative and/or would like to begin receiving Partnership updates right away, please subscribe here: