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Lessons Learned from “Making Data Actionable in Child Maltreatment Prevention: A Toolkit for Collective Impact”

The Colorado Partnership for Thriving Families’ first learning collaborative, Making Data Actionable in Child Maltreatment Prevention: A Toolkit for…

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Unifying the Early Childhood System: Colorado Partnership for Thriving Families members weigh in on HB1304 Implementation

Colorado is at a turning point. Due to the passage of House Bill 1304 Early Childhood System, the state…

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Recommendations for Investing American Rescue Plan Act Funds to Prevent Child Maltreatment and Promote Family Well-Being

The pandemic has impacted so many different aspects of our communities, the challenge on local, state, and federal levels…

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Family Voice Representatives Needed

The Colorado Partnership for Thriving Families is seeking family voice representatives, including parents and caregivers, to serve in leadership roles! Family…

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The work of the Partnership is supported through gifts, grants and donations through Illuminate Colorado, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to strengthen families, organizations and communities to prevent child maltreatment.

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